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why-doesnt-god-answer-our-prayersGod always answers prayers. Sometimes the answer is not the one we want. Sometimes, the answer is, NO.

Perhaps a better question is, “Why doesn’t God answer our prayers the way we want Him to?” No one can give the correct answer to this question. However, I have an answer that I feel is as accurate as any you will hear or read. (read more…)

how-to-get-people-to-buy-from-youThis is the most commonly asked question among people who sell for a living. It is also the most mysterious and the most overlooked question. The answer is quite simple.

Let people know who you are

No matter what business you’re in, your job is to sell. If you want people’s business, you have to sell. You may sell products, or you may sell services. How are you going to sell these products or services?

The simple answer is, Don’t even think about selling the products or services. Think about something entirely different, and much more powerful. (read more…)


It’s just like Magic. To create a hot dog that one would almost be willing to die for can be nothing but Sheer Magic.

The Hot Dog Capital of the World is, in fact, The Magic City. Birmingham, Alabama is just a small Southern Town, but when it comes to good hot dogs, it is as significant as New York City. I’m not talking about just a hot dog, the kind you get at the ball park, with mustard and a few onions. I’m talking about a real hot dog, made the way a hot dog is supposed to be made. Sink you teeth into one of these, and let me tell you something. You will almost feel like you’ve entered the Gates of Heaven.



World’s Most Famous Hot Dog Stand


I spent many lunch hours under this attractive neon sign. Let me tell you, if I could possibly do it all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat. (read more…)