• The Difference Between a Winner and a Loser

    WinnerDo you know the difference between a winner and a loser? You can distinguish between the two by the words they use. The winner will say, “I will”. He will tell you what he plans to do to accomplish his goals, and when he will do it. The loser says, “I might, someday”. He will talk about his goals, if he has any, by saying something like, “I’ll do is someday” or, “I’ll do it when I get around to it” or, “Yeah, that sounds great”. For the loser, someday will never come. He can find thousands of excuses for not doing something.

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  • 7 amazing ways To become successful at being healthy and physically fit

    Jumping for Joy at Weight Loss 3There has been quite an increase in the number of health insurance facilities around the world. This comes as people across the world especially, those living in developed countries seek to be in better health and physically fit. One of those developments includes the European Healthcare Insurance Card (ehic). This card ensures that people residing in 28 European countries get access to state sponsored healthcare at a lower cost or in some cases for free! This card covers for a person’s treatment during the duration of their stay at one of the 28 European countries.

    However one does not need to wait until they are sick in order to seek medical attention. Normally, prevention is better than cure. We can all stay healthy and physically fit if we adopt good lifestyles and drop habits that are detrimental to our well-being. Discussed below are seven ways to be successful at being healthy and physically fit.

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  • Deja Vu and Inherited Memory

    deja-vuWhat is Deja Vu ?

    Rather that provide you with a technical definition, with language that will only confuse you more, I will define Deja Vu in plain, easy to understand words.

    Deja Vu is simply remembering something from your past that you either may have, or have not experienced.

    This should make no sense at all. However, this unknown phenomenon happens every day in the lives of people. For this reason, it is definitely real.

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